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Customised Sales Training

What makes us different?

We create Sales and Business Development Training which is completely tailored to your organisation.

common reasons businesses are reluctant to send sales teams to conventional sales training courses

  1. The sales team don’t see the sales training as relevant to them
  2. The 'one size fits all' approach doesn’t suit their business situation
  3. The lack of retention and utilisation of new sales skills
  4. The subsequent wasted training investment

How do we do this?

We work with you through a four stage process to create your training:
  1. The research of your business in order to develop a customised training programme
  2. The facilitation of engaging training that is relevant and useful to your team
  3. A reinforcement process which ensures that learning is put into action
  4. An evaluation process which enables you to see the return on your training investment

The solution?

The solution is customised training, designed around your organisational needs and facilitated by our experienced trainers or by your own in-house trainer. At STC we only produce customised training - we don’t run any ‘off the shelf’ training

Where to from here?

To ensure your sales team are up-skilled and motivated to develop more business for your company contact STC to discuss the process for developing customised training for your business.

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