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Knock ‘em dead presentations

Most sales people enjoy presenting - indeed that’s often why they are in their sales position in the first place.

Talking to clients, selling the benefits of their services, this is second nature to most good sales people. However, where they often come unstuck is when they are required to present to a committee, a board, a management or buying group, in fact any situation where there are more than two decision makers tends to intimidate even the most accomplished presenter.

So what’s the advice?    

  1. Get  all your decision makers together, preferably on your ‘turf’; do your research based on your previous meetings and present like a professional. Base your presentation on the 50/50 principal – aim to get your clients talking at least 50% of the time - even when its your presentation. The more involved they are, the more likely they are to buy.
  2. Look at everyone – some people are harder to make eye contact with than others, especially if they appear distant or disinterested. But bear in mind that anyone who you have failed to make eye contact with is unlikely to support your proposal, as they will feel excluded.
  3. Seek agreement – you need feedback, clarification, support of your ideas; this helps involve the audience, keeps them interested and keeps you on track.
  4. Use repetition - repeat (often) the benefits that you believe will sell your proposal to your potential clients. It works the same way as advertising works on us as consumers - repetition builds reputation! This is also true of the content of your presentation; in order to sell your ideas you have to hammer them home, preferably with intelligence and humour.
  5. Never under estimate the power of enthusiasm - nothing beats enthusiasm to sell a concept, idea, product or service. Its infectious and it sells. The subliminal message being received by your customer is ‘this person loves this idea/product so there must be something great about it’.

If you are interested in having presentation skills training contact us at The Sales Training Company, and we’ll discuss some training options with you, and put you in contact with others who have benefited from such training. In the meantime the best way of ensuring you or your team present well is to practise, practise, practise!






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